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手機借我, 好嗎?

回家, 正在滑手機等車的時候, 突然一個女生走過來, 跟我借手機 , 他英文不太好所以一開始讓我有點錯愕, 但我抬起頭看到他長得乾乾淨淨, 並不像是詐騙集團的人 (其實哪看的出來呢), 至少不像是理直氣壯會跟你討錢的那種. 雖然不是很想冒險, 但我還是開始考慮了Continue reading «手機借我, 好嗎? »

如何通過英國駕照路考 – 必知的10件事

準備了一年的駕照終於到手啦, 我考了兩次才到手 , 但是英國路考通過率是低於50%, 所以第二次就過還滿意外的, 從下定決心到準備到歷經一年的曲折, 就在這裡把我失敗跟成功的經驗一起分享吧.Continue reading «如何通過英國駕照路考 – 必知的10件事»


聖誕節回法國最期待的事情就是可以吃大餐跟拿禮物, (不是應該是看爸媽, 家人跟朋友聚會嗎…. ), 今年我們沒有跟阿姨一家人一起過, 是成人的Party 所以重點是美食, 以美食自豪的法國聖誕節餐桌到底有些什麼呢?Continue reading «法國聖誕節大餐 »


    趕在12月的第一天把聖誕樹拿出來, 聖誕節要到囉….Continue reading «聖誕節倒數計時 »

Google Squared – We are going to make Millions!

How exciting! This is our module two topic and also the assignment. I have really enjoyed the topics especially for mobile. I guess I have to agree with Nick that the long waiting ” THE MOBILE ” is probably with us already. It is already happening like it or not… Continue reading «Google Squared – We are going to make Millions!»

Google Squared – living the moment

One thing I think I really have to admit and learn is that writing a blog or in the digital world, it is the ” moment” that matters, it is the moment that you share your thoughts, show off the holiday pictures , that really matters.Continue reading «Google Squared – living the moment »

Can I make it?

這幾天心情有點低落, 因為被告知我的英國開車考試準備不夠, 可能無法通過考試, 想一想我從年初就開始準備到現在, 一開始還興致勃勃想要趕快學習夏天就可以買車出去兜風, 現在都已經要聖誕節了, 我還無法考路考…Continue reading «Can I make it? »

Google Squared – Assignment 1

Time goes so fast that I felt I just started the first lesson and there it comes the assignment. I quite enjoy our first assignment, we are requested to  present 1). Digital Slice of our life, showing how much we are digitaled , at when and where and by /with what. I think it would read more »Continue reading «Google Squared – Assignment 1»

Google Squared – how I started it….

Hello there ! I have recently taken a Google digital marketing course, it is run by an online education expert called Squared. During the courses, we have been asked to write articles to share our experiences for this journey. Well, as this is will be a big part of me now, so I have decided read more »Continue reading «Google Squared – how I started it…. »

Royal Baby – 英國皇室第三順位繼承人今天出生了

今天國皇室要添新成員囉 , 自從凱特一早進醫院,英國所有媒體便虎視眈眈等在醫院外,新聞從早開始報導,許多的政客更是錦上添花的在twitter 上拍馬屁(不..是獻上祝福)Continue reading «Royal Baby – 英國皇室第三順位繼承人今天出生了»

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