Google Squared – We are going to make Millions!

How exciting!

This is our module two topic and also the assignment. I have really enjoyed the topics especially for mobile. I guess I have to agree with Nick that the long waiting ” THE MOBILE ” is probably with us already. It is already happening like it or not… 

The big idea for my group is to create a crowdsourced cycling map. I do believe it is a very unique stuff and would work. I was working on the Marketing (with one team mate) and consumer journey slides, and I liked every minute of it. I have always enjoyed creating something… I think we were the lucky ones that everyone was trying to contribute to their best. It was great fun working with my team and I am very pleased that we will be working on the same assignment for the next one.

Are we going to make millions? I believe so!!! 🙂

ps- picture:google

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